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Amodoria. partnered with Primera Corp, a company based in Tanzania, to source and export gold from mining and selling centre to Dubai for refining. The project aimed to promote ethical and sustainable mining practices, while also ensuring transparency and accountability in the gold supply chain.

Under the project, Primera provided consultancy services to Primera to validate the credibility of the product and the supplier, as well as to assess the paperwork and ensure compliance with international supply chain security standards. Primera's expert consultants worked closely with Primera to identify potential security risks and to monitor product, shipping, and data security throughout the supply chain.

With Primera's extensive network of sourcing subsidiaries and trusted partners, the project successfully sourced gold directly from the mines and processing plants with best practice governance in place. The gold was then exported to Dubai for refining and processing, with all exports managed by partner handling and security agents such as Brinks, G4S, and Transguard.

Throughout the project, Amodoria and Primera adhered to the strict criteria for responsible and sustainable gold sourcing, ensuring environmental and social welfare standards were met, and that the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and accountability were maintained in all business operations.

Overall, the project between Primera Corp Inc. and Primer successfully promoted ethical and sustainable mining practices, while ensuring a transparent and accountable gold supply chain.

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania
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